Aluminium Scrap Recycling

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Our pricing remains affordable, as we want to make it simple for anybody to obtain the necessary scrap supply/haul hassle-free. We can help you determine the proper metals you will need for any job, and provide sufficient stock regardless of your project’s enormity. Our ferrous and non-ferrous come with variable pricing to help accommodate any situation appropriately. Because steel and alloy material are constantly recycled around the globe, its pricing remains relatively consistent month-to-month. Generally, our ferrous metals come with an abundance of opportunities ideal for any condition with the lowest price range. Our non-ferrous stock is abundant as well, but comes with price fluctuation dependent on the demand because its use cases vary greatly from its ferrous equivalent. Despite the project at hand, we will be able to sufficiently provide you with the materials you need quickly!

Aluminum prices scrap

Scrap metal recycling is essential to not only the environment, but keeping the prices per pound of bulk orders down. With more metal being reused than discarded, we can help safeguard the current climate of raw materials, with higher abundances and demand able to be met. At Guan Peng Hardware Pte Ltd, we seek to provide high volumes of mixed metal scrap to accommodate any application, but also push to be the top-class provider with a positive environmental impact. In ensuring raw metal materials are consistently being repurposed for other jobs allows us to preserve our prices. We aim to retain high quantities of stock scrap so we can continuously top our competitors and provide our customer base with the appropriate payloads of metals they need, at a price sure to appease everyone!

We ship our scrap metals to an array of foundries and forges around the globe that can restructure our scrap into reusable stock of any kind. From our facilities, much of our scrap product is sent to forges capable of heating and flattening solid steel or miscellaneous metals into workable, malleable material. Many of our satisfied customers have taken our quality scrap metal to furnaces abroad that have effectively transformed them into necessary metal products—a rigorous process of shaping that results in perfectly suiting hardware for the job. Give us a call at 6268 2311 to see how our scrap can help assist your metal needs.

Aluminum recycling prices

With most our sources of scrap originating from local and overseas distributors, a greater part of our repurposing tends to go to use cases where ferrous metals are needed for applications requiring the construction of large containers, housing projects, large-scale piping, automobiles, rails for railroads and transportation services, and tools/hardware. Also, due to the high amounts of carbon found when produced, these metals are most vulnerable to rust over non-ferrous. For typical projects using this raw material, we suggest our scraps to be used when not exposed to the elements, as they will tend to oxidize and rust quicker than if non-ferrous scrap was used. Ferrous metals are ideal for projects when protected or covered.