Scrap Metal Singapore

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Scrap Metal Company

Since 1989, Guan Peng Hardware Pte Ltd has continued to be the leading scrap metal procurement, processing and exporting solution for Singapore. We have a customer base worldwide, with all our supply sources originating from the local and overseas marketplaces. Because of our expertise in the metal industry, our network is expansive, consisting of various steel mills, trading houses, and foundries that process many of our scrap materials through the many companies located throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. Our staff consists of well-trained experts in the industry that will be able to address any concerns. We are timely and prompt with all our deliveries and orders, so you can rest assured the scrap you need will arrive fast. Feel free to call 6268 2311 for your scrap metal price quote!

Metal Recycling

We collect, process and export a variety of metals from ferrous to non-ferrous, including the essentials of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, lead, stainless steel and more. Scrap metal is classified in either of the two categories, with ferrous types deriving from some degree of iron, while non-ferrous variants contain zero elements of iron. With such a clear distinction between metal types, it can oftentimes be difficult to find a comprehensive solution that deals with all variations. We aim to remain at the top of our class, providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and versatility to accommodate any job. We can assess your situation and highlight the proper solution with our premium services rendered.

Scrap Metal Prices

At Guan Peng Hardware Pte Ltd, we can guarantee you that every scrap purchase through our services will be efficient and steadfast, with any type of ferrous or non-ferrous metal readily available upon inquiry. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to make positive your needs are met promptly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to subscribe to our premium services. No matter the material, time frame, or destination, we can ensure you of a hasty transaction and shipment of your scrap metals, with our transit times locally and overseas remaining the best in the industry.

We offer expedited delivery for every order purchased, providing the most efficient shipment to any site. Our transport services are operated by a fleet of trailers and bin trucks able to escort any delivery size and quantity. And, if overseas, we can supply any range of materials to your location via cargo packing, the perfect solution for exportation. We provide the necessary manpower to pack sufficient scrap into large shipment containers across the globe. Call now at 6268 2311 to set up an appointment to find the scrap price right for you!

We are the only authority on all things scrap, whether you are in need for importing, exporting or a dealer for quick turnover of new scrap. Our services are the finest in the industry, with quality staff and metal processing ideal for any situation. We supply all types of metal and can redevelop any form to be repurposed easily. Our recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals are rerolled to ensure they are easily utilized with any application.