Why Sell Scrap Metals To Us?

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 Recycling Metals

Recyclable metal is important for many industries, as the average usage of metal can be reworked into reusable sheets, allowing for continual mining to be kept to a minimum. With only a limited number of raw ore in existence, keeping the usability of previously scrapped quantities high becomes that much more essential. Our supreme services around the globe make it easy to ensure any variety of metal can be broken down and rerolled, so it may be reworked into whatever form you need.

Our services are all-inclusive, supplying any small to large company with the necessary tools and materials to locate the qualities of metals necessary, with not only optimal solutions for discarding, but for processing as well in reinforcement bars, h-beams, pipes, plates, etc. Our well-versed team of experts can help you find the right facility to exercise the operations you require. Give us a call at 6268 2311 to discuss a quote on the metal you need. We can assure you our team will provide excellent care to address any concern you have.

Auminium scrap metal prices

We specialize in rerolling scrap iron, steel and of all other non-ferrous varieties. Our rerolling process involves us flame cutting pieces into parallel-sided slabs that are then able to be heated in an oil-fired furnace until malleable temperatures are reached. This allows us to take the material and roll it for redistribution—a process that requires minimal energy to complete, but a decent understanding and previous experience to successfully accomplish.

Our rerolling is most suitable for thick plates and tasks such as shipbreaking, where the thick metal can be cut into large sections, making it easy to adapt to other applications requiring heavy scrap. Our team of skilled workers has the technical prowess and experience of the manual labor necessary to reassign any scrap piece sure to fit your purpose.

Brass and copper prices

As with most scrap consisting of ferrous metals, we can repurpose them for use in a forge—the assignment of materials to be used in new forms of fabricated products. Our rerolling gives the scrap the most value per given weight of metal. We suggest our methods over newly formed metals, as it not only stays affordable, but allows it to be easily molded into any structure to accommodate a variety of practices. Customers have continuously returned because of our commitment to quality and client care, as we guarantee to support every order with the utmost diligence.

Guan Peng Hardware Pte Ltd is also able to supply any type of non-ferrous metals for those other projects requiring these materials. Most of the jobs we have encountered needing non-ferrous grade metals require substantial strength, lightness and the ability to be shapeable. With non-ferrous metals, products can be handily crafted into whatever structure without as much manpower and machinery as their ferrous counterparts. We provide a plethora of non-ferrous metals because we recognize the benefits of them given their beneficial characteristics of higher resistance to corrosion and rust.

Scrap supply is an error prone industry, but at Guan Peng Hardware Pte Ltd, we quality check every order processed to ensure zero mistakes are made. Acquiring substantial scrap materials can be a rigorous task, but if you go through our services we will assure you everything will be completed thoroughly from only the most skilled and knowledgeable customer care associates. Despite the situation you may have encountered in the past, we can make every future purchase expeditious and ideal to help bolster your project’s progress. Feel free to call 6268 2311 for your scrap metal price quote!